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Are personal items that are stolen from your vehicle covered?

  • No, your policy would not cover items stolen from your vehicle. Some homeowner's policies will; please contact your Insurance Agent for information.


Am I able to request a quote online?


Do you cover rental cars?

  • The liability portion of your policy transfers to the rental vehicle if the rental vehicle is a temporary replacement for the vehicle insured.


How do you file a claim?

  • To file a claim on your policy or against one of our insureds; please contact our Claims Department at (800) 880-0472 for further assistance. Please have all accident information available ready.


Is flood damage covered?

  • Coverage determinations are based on a case-by-case basis; however, flooding would be covered under the Comprehensive portion of your policy should that coverage be available. For further assistance please contact your claims representative at (800) 880-0472.


How do I change my billing address?

  • To have your address changed please contact our Customer Serivce Center at (800) 860-5692 so we may assist you with your address change. You may also visit your local Loya Insurance Group office.


I turn 25 soon; does my insurance monthly payment go down?

  • Your insurance premium is formulated using several factors including your age. Please contact your local Loya Insurance Group office or our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692 for further assistance.


Why did my premium increase?

  • Rates are formulated based on several factors. Please contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692 or visit your local Loya Insurance Group office for further information.


Can I change personal information on the web site? Example... address, phone, etc...

  • We are not currently able to process policy changes online. Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-860-5692 in order to assist you; some changes may be processed over the phone while others require a signature and must be done in person at your local branch.


I want to cancel my policy. What do I need to do?

  • For your protection cancellation requests require a written request which may be executed at any local branch.


If I lend my car to a friend and they cause an accident, will the insurance pay on the accident?

  • If you lend your car to a friend, the driver will only be covered if the individual is not legally excluded off the policy.


Is there a grace period on my policy?

  • No, your payment is due on the date that it is due. If payment is late, a late fee might be assessed or subject to cancellation. All payments are due by 12:00 am MDT of the due date.


Is there a way to pay my insurance online?

  • Yes, you can make payments online using our secure payment form. All payments are due by 12:00 am MDT of the due date.


What is the cost associated to get a policy with Loya Insurance Group?

  • Policy premiums vary depending on coverage been sought. Please contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692 for further assistance and the best possible rate.


What is the coverage required by the State of Texas?

  • The State of Texas requires liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal injury protection. The uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal injury protection can be rejected off the policy with the customers' signature.


What is the coverage the lien holder requires if the vehicle is being financed?

  • The coverage that is required by the lien holder is Physical Damage. Physical Damage covers the vehicle from sand, hail, flood, vandalism and collision regardless of fault. The insured will pay the deductible then the policy will pay the rest of the damages.


What type of insurance do I need to cover damages and repair to my vehicle if in an auto accident?

  • You would actually need the complete coverage which would be comprehensive and collision, this would basically cover your vehicle if in the event of a accident, but to get this type of coverage your vehicle would have to be damage free. To get a estimate please contact our customer service dept. at 1-800-860-5692.


Do you use my credit information to give me a rate?

  • Competitive rates are available with and without a credit score. We have multiple products for every customer. Please call your local office for further details.


How long has Fred Loya Insurance been in business?

  • We have been in business since 1974.


Does my liability insurance cover my medical bills?

  • Liability only covers third-parties' bodily injury. You may purchase Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage to cover your own medical costs.


How many cars can I have on my policy?

  • You can have up to five vehicles per policy; should you have more, you may purchase an additional policy. For further information contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692.


What do I need to bring when I go into an office to purchase a policy?

  • It really depends on the type of coverage that you are purchasing, if it is the minimum coverage which would be liability you would only need to bring the title or registration as well as the driver license of any driver who is going to be on the policy. Now if its for the complete coverage you would need the vehicle, title or registration, driver license, and proof of homeowner, prior insurance, only if this applies to you and a copy of a voided check.


What is full coverage?

  • Though the term "full coverage" is widely used there is no policy which provides "full coverage." Every policy has limits and deductibles in addition to exclusions. To assess your specific coverage needs please contact your local Fred Loya Insurance office or our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692.


What type of coverage will I need to have if my car gets stolen?

  • Comprehensive coverage (also known as Other-Than-Collision) would cover your vehicle against theft.


What do I need to do after the accident?

  • As soon as possible, please:
    • Report your claim to Loya Insurance Group at 1-800-880-0472.
    • Take steps to protect your vehicle. For example, cover a broken window with plastic or park in a garage.
    • If your vehicle was towed, find out where it was taken.
    • Create a file with all documentation related to the loss, including police reports and accident exchange information.


Why does a claim have to be investigated?

  • When a loss is reported, a liability adjuster must first determine if coverage is in effect for the loss. Next, through the investigative process, the adjuster will go on a "fact finding mission" and will gather evidence to support their acceptance or denial of a claim. Types of evidence include statements or interviews, damage estimates and photos, police reports, scene investigations, and applicability of state and local traffic laws.


What types of coverage do I have?

  • If you are insured with Loya Insurance Group, you should review your policy to determine which coverages you have paid a premium for. All policies provide:
    • Liability Coverage: Covers Property Damage and Bodily Injuries sustained by a third party up to the limits afforded under the policy. Some additional, optional coverages that you may have purchased are:
    • Collision: Pays for repairs or replacement of an insured vehicle resulting from a collision with an object or vehicle.
    • Other than Collision (Comprehensive): Pays for damage to an insured vehicle that results from a named peril such as hail, fire, theft, vandalism, windstorm, contact with an animal, falling objects, etc.
    • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): PIP pays for medical and funeral expenses, lost wages, and caregiver services for a covered driver or passenger, up to the limits afforded under the policy.
    • Medical Payments (MedPay): MedPay coverage pays the cost of necessary medical care you receive as a result of an auto accident and can be used regardless of who is at fault. MedPay is limited to a specific dollar amount. In some states, MedPay only applies after other medical insurance is exhausted. Refer to your policy for details.
  • Your adjuster will confirm the coverages you have purchased and, based on the policy contract, whether any exclusions apply.


How do I get an estimate?

  • For your convenience, we offer several appraisal options that best suit your needs. Drive-In estimates are conveniently offered at your local office. You may also take your vehicle to one of our Direct Repair Facilities for a repair evaluation. If your vehicle is not drivable, our staff appraisers are committed to contacting you within 72 hours* of the loss report to complete an estimate of damages on your vehicle or other property. In the event you live in a rural area, Fred Loya may outsource the appraisal assignment to a certified independent appraisal service. Estimates are uploaded to your adjuster the same day of completion. 

* Does not apply for all losses; time frame depends on appraisal source.


What is a Direct Repair Facility?

  • A shop that participates in our Direct Repair Program (DRP). By selecting a Loya Insurance Group approved repair shop, you will receive:
    • A lifetime guaranty on covered repairs for the life you own or lease the vehicle. Covered repairs do not include normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper maintenance, unrelated damage, abuse, etc.
    • As a courtesy, convenient rental arrangements may be provided by the DRP shop, whether you have rental reimbursement coverage or not.
    • The shop bills Loya Insurance Group directly for all repairs making the claims process more efficient for you.


Where do I take my car for repairs?

  • You are free to take your vehicle to a shop of your choice or to a Direct Repair facility for repairs. We recommend that the shop you select is reputable and will be able to complete the repairs in a timely manner. Repairs should be scheduled once you have received authorization from your adjuster.


What if my repairs cost more than what your estimate says?

  • After your adjuster has authorized repairs, if additional accident related damages are found, Loya Insurance Group will dispatch an appraiser for a supplemental inspection. After discussing the additional damages with your shop, a supplemental estimate will be processed and any additional approved payments issued. To ensure the estimate is followed, Loya Insurance Group's guidelines require all shops to provide parts replacement invoices for all parts used in the repair process.


What is a Total Loss?

  • A vehicle may be deemed a total loss if the cost of repairs exceed or are close to exceeding the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of the vehicle. The vehicle may also be deemed a total loss if it could not safely be repaired to its pre-loss condition. A total loss adjuster will walk you through the total loss process and explain ACV, arrange for pick up of your vehicle, and extend offers of settlement. In certain circumstances, you may want to retain the salvage, or keep the vehicle instead of turning it over to Loya Insurance Group. These options will be presented to you.


How is the ACV determined?

  • ACV (Actual Cash Value) is the market value of the vehicle taking into consideration the vehicle's condition before the loss, it's options and equipment, mileage, and the market area. ACV is determined, in general, by looking at area quotes from dealers or ads for vehicles of like kind and quality.
  • Your vehicle's value may be less than what is owed on your loan or lease. You should discuss with your lien-holder if you had purchased "Gap" coverage at the time of your vehicle purchase to protect you in these situations.


My vehicle is at a lot where they charge storage fees. What do I do?

  • As the vehicle owner, you carry all responsibility with ensuring the vehicle is released and moved to a non-storage accruing facility. We recommend you contact the storage lot directly to get more information. If you are not sure where the vehicle was removed to, contact the police department and ask them to search vehicle storage database to verify if it has been moved to a city lot.
  • A claim representative can assist you, however you retain all rights and responsibilities with the removal of your vehicle from any storage facility.


What happens if I have a lien-holder on my vehicle?

  • If you are insured with Loya Insurance Group, your lien-holder has an insurable interest in your vehicle. In some cases, your lien-holder will be included as a payee on a settlement check.
  • If you are a third party presenting a claim against our policyholder, we will include your lien-holder in the property damage settlement if your vehicle is a total loss.


What is a deductible?

  • A clause in the insurance policy that exempts an insurer from paying an initial specified amount in the event that the insured sustains a loss. In other words, if you are insured with Loya Insurance Group and you have coverage for damage to your auto, you will be responsible for paying a portion of the repairs, typically the first $500.00. Talk to your agent to learn more about your deductible amounts.


What are my duties as a Loya Insurance Group policyholder?

  • Section E of your Personal Auto Policy details your duties, or conditions, that you as the policyholder must meet. Common duties are to promptly notify us of a loss, to cooperate with any claim investigation, to promptly submit any legal papers received in connection with a loss, and to provide appropriate documentation for losses. Failure to meet these duties could jeopardize your coverage under the policy.


What if I get sued?

  • Most claims are settled quickly, however some claims might result in a lawsuit. As a Loya Insurance Group policyholder, you are required to notify Loya Insurance Group immediately if your are served with any legal papers in connection with any accident or loss. Bring your legal notices to any Loya Insurance Group office and ask the representative to forward them to the San Antonio claims office. 


What is an SR-22?

  • An SR-22 (CFR) is a certificate mandated by the state to verify that an individual is maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. If a person needs an SR-22 (CFR), they will usually be notified by their state's Motor Vehicle Department.


How do I enroll or stop billing alert phone texts?

  • Please view the details of phone text info here.


What carriers are supported for Fred Loya Mobile Alerts?

  • The following carriers are supported: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, TMobile® , Boost, Virgin Mobile USA & Metro PCS. T-Mobile ® is not liable for delayed or undelivered messages


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